K Maintenance Limited provides building maintenance services, a full package that includes refurbishments and repairs to facades and facias, rainwater goods repair and replacement, window spraying, and all general cosmetic maintenance. 

K Maintenance Limited also offer internal services, including an office refresh package, where we can tailor an offering to update office décor, from walls to carpets, for as large or small a scale as suits the client. 

The KML Team can provide a competitive package that will give your space an uplift without large outlay or upheaval. We offer out-of-hours packages to create the least disruption to staff during a refresh, specifically designed to carefully update your space with as little impact on productivity or staff wellbeing as possible.

Each project taken on by our team of professionals is tailored to suit the individual requirements, including advanced logistical considerations, specialist finish analysis and recommendations, on-site testing of products and expert advice. 

K Maintenance Limited are also able to work with manufacturers to provide warranties, testing and maintenance schedules for the work on completion. This ensures that our quality finish is guaranteed to last for the years to come.

Façade Spraying and Vapour Blasting

Using a superheated water-based system, K Maintenance Limited offer a range of cleaning options to remove waste and dirt from a buildings’ façade, brickwork and exteriors. The Superheated Vapor Blasting technique uses extreme heat which requires less pressure and less water making it a more environmentally friendly option with less damage.

The superheated water vapour will remove paint, moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter as well as kill of spores. This means there’s no need for chemical treatments during the process. Another environmental win.