Intumescent Spraying / Passive Fire Protection

Intumescent painting of steels is now a legal requirement for commercial and public buildings. The application of a film of Intumescent paint to steel increases its burn time by insulating it and increasing the structural integrity of a building under the extreme temperatures of a fire.

An intumescent paint works by reacting to heat and swelling in a controlled manner to many times its original thickness, producing a carbonaceous char formed by a large number of small bubbles that act as an insulating layer to protect the substrate. It also provides a higher level of fire retardancy to the surfaces it is sprayed on.

KML Decorators have an experienced and qualified Intumescent Spray team who apply the passive fire protection coatings according to regulations. Our experts monitor the correct dry film thickness is achieved on a project and issue a certificate to guarantee the appropriate checks and readings have been made to ensure the veracity of the structure.